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The whole point of home staging is to help sell your home for top dollar. Staging allows you to make your home appealing to the largest number of buyers, as well as making it stand out from other homes for sale. Here are the top five staging tips that can help you take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.







Tip #1: Paint the Walls



Freshly painted walls go a long way toward selling a home. Unless you already have neutral-toned walls that were painted within the last two years, you should make this investment. Why paint?

• Makes the home look cleaner, newer, and fresher
• Provides a fresh slate to help buyers visual living in the home
• Offers a neutral background that will fit most buyer’s furnishings and style

Keep in mind that neutral does not have to mean white. Instead, you can use earth tones, gray for urban /modern homes, light blue for bedrooms, and creamy yellow for kitchens.






Tip #2: Put Things Where They Belong



You want your buyers to feel like your home has room for everything they do. If they see piles or things shoved into odd places, your home will feel small and cluttered, and buyers will assume there is a lack of adequate storage.

• Make sure things are where they belong. For instance, never put a litter box near food.
• Put all cleaning supplies away.
• Clear off countertops
• Store items that you do not use to create more empty space






Tip #3: Think Minimally When It Comes to Furniture



How you live in a home and how you sell a home are two different things. When selling, you will need to get rid of extra furniture, especially large pieces that make the room feel crowded. This may mean that you even store furniture you typically use.

• Bulky furniture like a china cabinet or enclosed TV cabinet
• Extra chairs and leafs in dining and kitchen tables
• Make sure you can easily walk from one area to the next
• Remove large items from line of sight from the doorway of smaller rooms






Tip #4: But Not Too Much



Sometimes, sellers get too excited and remove so much that the room no longer feels inviting. Be sure to keep enough furniture and accessories to give buyers an idea of how the room functions.

• Use accessories that feel inviting such as artwork, towels, plants, and candles.
• Accent a focal point in each room, such a fireplace, built in shelves, or simply a long wall in the room perfect for a sofa.
• Add a pop of color with accent pillows or accessories.







Tip #5: Don’t Forget The Garage



Many people don’t think about staging the garage because they don’t see it as part of the house. However, a garage should always look like it can hold cars. So, if your garage looks more like a storage unit, clear it out and rent a storage unit if needed.

• Add hooks and shelves to clear up the floor space
• Clean the floor and remove cobwebs
• Make sure the lighting works


If you package your home correctly with home staging, then you are much more likely to sell your home for more money. Get started home staging today.